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Author Index - Cameron Swift

Cameron Swift is Emeritus Professor of Health Care of the Elderly, King's College School of Medicine, London and Past President of the British Geriatrics Society.

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Ageing and Spirituality across Faiths and Cultures (triple helix - spring 2017)

Clarity about the concepts and inter-relationships of 'ageing' and 'spirituality' is urgently needed for healthcare professionals. Ageing (attitudinal perceptions and misperceptions, and their consequences) is explored against background demography and speculated across a range of religious and cultural contexts either formally (drawing on traditional teachings) or anecdotally (eg amongst Australian indigenous...

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The demographic time bomb (that probably isn't) (triple helix - spring 2015)

A somewhat negative perception of population ageing in developed and developing societies has become a perennial cliché. In the UK in 2010, ten million people were over 65 years old. Current projections are for 15.5 million by 2040 and around 19 million by 2050. In 2010 there were three million...

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Dementia: Frank & Linda's Story (triple helix - spring 2012)

New understanding, new approaches, new hope Louise Morse Monarch Books, 2010 £8.99 Pb 256pp ISBN 978 1 85424 930 2 If dementia is a 'no go topic' for you as an individual or a clinician (whatever your speciality), or both, then read this book! It provides the corrective re-think...

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Dementia (triple helix - Easter 2009)

The syndrome of dementia comprises a range of disorders. The most common are significantly age-associated: Alzheimer's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), frontotemporal dementia, vascular dementia and dementias of mixed origin. The estimated prevalence is 1% in those aged 65-69, rising to 34% in those over 95. (1) Increase is...

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