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Author Index - David Misselbrook

David Misselbrook is a GP in South London with interests in medical education and medical writing

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What is the right model of medicine (triple helix - summer 2010)

Medicine is not a pure science like physics, rather an applied one like rocket engineering. It uses science to pursue goals. This is beautifully expressed in the motto of the Royal College of General Practitioners, my own: 'Cum Scientia Caritas' – 'with science I care'. A central innovation of...

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Personal Beliefs – GMC Guidelines (nucleus - summer 2008)

In March this year, the General Medical Council (GMC) published guidelines on Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice (PBMP). These aim to qualify and refine existing guidance set out in Good Medical Practice (GMP), published in 2006. The new guidelines touch on several issues that are important for Christian doctors, such as...

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From cells to souls (Book Review) (triple helix - winter 2005)

The Psalmist's question 'What is man that you are mindful of him?' has never been more relevant than today. The Christian understanding of man is now under particular pressure from neo- Darwinians such as Dennett and Singer who look at our biology and morality, and from neuroscientists who challenge our...

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Straw Dogs - Thoughts on humans and other animals (Book Review) (triple helix - winter 2005)

We have become used to modernism, and got the hang of postmodernism but what comes next? Perhaps post-humanism? Christians and humanists mostly get along. We share a broadly similar and liberal vision of what is good for society because we both believe that being human is special and valuable. To...

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cmf file 26 (2004) - speciesism ()

Until recently there has been very little debate about the relative status of humans and animals. This has largely been because both Christians and humanists believe that human beings hold a special position in the natural world. Christians see humans as special because we are created by God in his...

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The Expert Patient - a Welcome Way Forward (triple helix - winter 2002)

In 1985 Tuckett proposed that a consultation should be seen as a meeting of two experts.[1] The doctor is an expert in biomedicine; the patient is an expert in his or her own life, goals, priorities, beliefs, and choices. Humane medicine happens when the role of both is given value....

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