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Author Index - Richard Vincent

Richard Vincent is Emeritus Professor of Cardiology and formerly Associate Dean of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School

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Wear your values (triple helix - winter 2016)

Richard Vincent reflects on why we need to be clear about our values and our reasons for holding them. The idea for the title of this article emerged after seeing an advertisement for eco-friendly jeans. By buying 'sustainable' denim, your purchase would not only bring sartorial excellence but would also proclaim...

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Are we losing our compassion? (triple helix - winter 2015)

Even before the Francis Reports (1) (2) in the UK brought the failure of compassionate care into sharp public focus, observations across the world were growing that compassion as an essential ingredient of care was draining away. In the period since then 17,000 scholarly publications have appeared (3) exploring compassion...

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The Changing Scene in Global Health (triple helix - winter 2015)

In the last century Christianity became a truly global faith, as Todd Johnson has pointed out: 'At the dawn of the twentieth century the statistical centre of global Christianity was near Madrid, Spain. In fact, at that time, over 80% of all Christians were European or North American. By 2010...

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Honouring Personhood in Patients (triple helix - spring 2013)

The added value of chaplaincy in general practice Ross Bryson Whole Person Health Trust, 2012 £7.00 Pb 72 pp ISBN 978-0-9544644-6-2 Enter here and enjoy a book that provides a unique insight into practical whole person care with an emphasis on patients' spiritual needs. The contributors offer...

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Foundations for Practice - how should Christians teach medicine? (triple helix - summer 2010)

The days of Sir Lancelot Spratt are long past. Sixty years ago Richard Gordon's preposterous surgeon in Doctor in the House dealt with cases rather than people and taught medicine by aphorisms and bullying. (1) Physical mechanisms of ill health and its cure were central to clinical practice. Students were...

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