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Author Index - Andrew Sims

Andrew Sims has been a member of CMF for 40 years. He is a former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and was Professor of Psychiatry in the University of Leeds.

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Personal Freedom: How the Gospel can be good for your mental health (triple helix - autumn 2017)

Ken Yeow Createspace, 2014, £7.99, 204pp, ISBN 9781505415742 Reviewed by Andrew Sims, Emeritus Professor in General Psychiatry, based in Shropshire Living the Christian life and walking daily with Jesus is Ken Yeow's theme. The author is a practising Christian and a consultant psychiatrist. He links working out the Gospel in everyday...

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cmf file 58 (2015) - is Christian faith delusion? ()

How it looks from the other side Belief in God, in particular God with whom one can have a relationship and to whom one can pray, makes no sense to a nonbeliever. It is a phenomenon that, for such people, has to be explained away somehow - yet none of the...

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Spirituality in Psychiatry (nucleus - winter 2007)

I have some sympathy for the character in Molière's play, who said: 'Good heavens! For more than forty years I have been speaking prose without knowing it'.[1] I have been a practising Christian for a long time, but over recent years have found myself to be labelled with what other...

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Handbook of Religion and Health (Book Review) (triple helix - autumn 2004)

Is religious belief bad for your health? Many Triple Helix readers may be interested in the answer to this question, and happily it is a question that can be answered from the results of a large volume of good research. The evidence for the effects of religious belief, or spirituality,...

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