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Author Index - Alex Bunn

Alex Bunn is a GP in London and CMF Southern Team Leader

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Near-Death Experiences (nucleus - winter 2000)

Rene’s van aquaplaned out of control, smashing her skull on an industrial power pole: ‘I was moving headfirst through a dark maelstrom of what looked like black boiling clouds. I felt that I was being beckoned to the sides; that frightened me. Ahead was a tiny dot of bright light...

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Contraceptive Commotion (nucleus - autumn 1995)

More people share the planet today than have ever lived. The United Nations Conference on Population and Development took place on 6-13 October 1994 in Cairo and welcomed delegates from 182 nations. Despite quadrupling in one century, world population growth has slowed, dropping from 2% a year in 1960 to...

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