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Author Index - Steve Fouch

Steve Fouch is CMF's Head of Communications

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Responding to disasters (nucleus - spring 2005)

December 26 2004 will stick in people’s minds in much the same way that September 11 2001 has – the images of devastation and suffering, the confused news reports, the gradual unfolding of the scale of the disaster as the days turned to weeks, and the initially slow but suddenly...

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Trusting in Chariots (triple helix - winter 2005)

Christians have been at the forefront of providing care for the sick and the marginalised since the time of Jesus.[1] His command to 'preach and heal'[2] has been central to the calling of Christian missionaries down the centuries. Though modern medical mission has only arrived in its current form in...

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Poaching health professionals - A growing injustice needing urgent solutions (triple helix - autumn 2004)

At the Bangkok World AIDS Conference in July 2004, it was highlighted that the fight against HIV in Africa was imperilled by the severe shortage of trained doctors and nurses.[1] The grim reality is that even where the drugs and funding are available, there are no skilled health professionals to...

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cmf file 24 (2004) - globalisation and health ()

Globalisation is based on the idea of free trade between nations. It has crept into our language just as rapidly as it has affected our lives. Just look at what we wear, eat and use. Fashion clothing comes from countries like Mauritius or Pakistan; tea from Kenya or Sri Lanka;...

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