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Author Index - David Smithard

David is a Consultant in Geriatric Medicine at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, a Visiting Professor at the University of Greenwich and is the Triple Helix Editor.

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Stand up for those without a voice (triple helix - Spring 2021)

In Christ, all people are equal; neither male nor female, slave nor free. [1]God treats us all the same. God also expects us to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. [2]In Isaiah, God tells us that he expects us to 'share [our] food with...

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'DIY home abortion' regulations in the UK (triple helix - Spring 2021)

In March 2020, new temporary legislation was rolled out allowing for women to have Early Medical Abortions (EMA) at up to nine weeks and six days' gestation 'in their own homes, without the need to first attend a hospital or clinic'. [1] CMF and many others have repeatedly raised concerns...

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A career for Christ (triple helix - Spring 2021)

This article is taken from an interview that Peter gave to me in February 2020 and a Christmas letter that Peter composed in December 2020. Both highlight Peter's devotion to God throughout his life. During his career, Peter worked as a missionary doctor, farmer, accountant and teacher, alongside his wife Hope,...

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CMF file 71 Dementia - A 21st century challenge ()

Introduction There are many different types of dementia, each with its own problems and prognosis. It is predicted that one million people in the UK will have dementia by 2025 and that this will increase to two million by 2050. Globally, 5.2 per cent of people over the age of 60...

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Ageing & Frailty (triple helix - Spring 2020)

The biblical narrative is unclear about the functional status of many of the Old Testament heroes. However, becoming old and frail does not seem to be part of God's blueprint. In Genesis, he created man and woman to be companions to each other and himself. They were meant to live...

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Where next with Triple Helix? (triple helix - Spring 2020)

No organisation can exist without considering changes to its structures and ways of working. Central to any organisation is communication with its members. CMF has had multiple ways of doing this over the years, including its various journals. Triple Helix was originally going to be called Rx, but the Sunday...

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