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Author Index - Zack Millar

Zack is a former Nucleus student editor and is a Foundation Year One doctor in East Anglia

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be prepared: injustice as a junior doctor (nucleus - June 2021)

'WYWBWY' I paused with a forkful of pasta halfway to my mouth. The consultant psychiatrist was discussing a case with me over lunch, and this acronym was totally unknown to me. 'I don't know what that means, I'm afraid', I confessed. 'Well', he said, 'sometimes a patient is depressed or suicidal,...

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APOLOGETICS the limits of apologetics (nucleus - Autumn 2020)

None of my non-Christian friends have become Christians. I find it difficult to express the emotion I feel when I mull over that fact. There is pain unique to each person, as of course I want nothing more than to see my dearest friends brought to Christ. But very soon...

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who are you? (nucleus - Summer 2020)

I was standing in A&E at 1.30pm on Tuesday, 28 April, the packing creases still in my scrubs. I stammered, 'My name is Zack; I'm one of the medical stu…um…doctors.' Why the hesitation? Well, my answer to that question had changed dramatically at 8pm on Monday, 6 April. One minute I...

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