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Author Index - Mark Cheesman

Mark Cheesman is a Consultant Geriatrician in Bristol

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Attitudes to ageing and dying (triple helix - winter 2014)

A thoughtful and perceptive book on the subject of our later years and our deaths. Movingly discussed by David Powell, a godly man remembered by many old Cardiff CMF students with much affection. He says he was 82 on starting this book: would that more older Christians wrote out their...

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In a strange land…People with dementia and the local church (Book Review) (triple helix - winter 2005)

This book offers a compassionate and well-informed look at the world of dementia. The author is an Anglican minister with many years' experience in pastoral ministry in this area. He paints a realistic and forthright picture of the problems of dementia, and talks straightforwardly about the difficulties and opportunities of...

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Bullying in the NHS (triple helix - winter 2004)

Wouldn't you think that, being such a grubby and cowardly business, bullying would quite ashamed to show its face? Yet it is alive and well, an integral part of NHS culture. It thrives on silence and secrecy but, brought out into the open, it looks altogether less frightening. Many people...

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Ageism in the NHS (triple helix - autumn 2001)

Many common ways of dealing with old people are unacceptable and inadequate, contends Mark Cheesman Few of us think of ourselves as old. Inside, we feel much as we did 10-20 years ago, or even longer back. We don't thank people for reminding us that we're ageing, and whilst jokes about...

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Elder Abuse - Chipping the Old Block (nucleus - autumn 2001)

At first sight it might seem incredible that anyone would want to hurt or damage an old person. Pictures of old people with facial bruising from an assault, or stories of intimidation by a younger person make us feel aroused and angry. Clearly, anyone who behaved in that way would...

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