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More like Apollos

summer 1996

From Isa Masih - summer 1996 - More like Apollos [p8]

I was recently asked to speak at a London medical school on the topic ‘Christianity and Islam - a Historical Perspective.’ After I had finished a Muslim Student asked a question which then led on to three hours of dialogue between us: on everything from the Bodmer papyrus to the Crusades. Meanwhile, his companion sat with a microphone, taping the whole conversation on several cassettes. I can guarantee that next time I meet them, they will have dissected the arguments and will be even more skilled in their apologetics.

Mission opportunity

This situation was by no means unique. I have met equally committed and informed Islamic students all over the UK; and my prayer is that the Lord of the Harvest will raise up similarly committed Christians to meet the challenge they are posing. By contrast, however, often what we see in CUs is self-absorption and apathy, a blindness to one of the greatest mission opportunties of all time waiting on our doorstep.

Biblical familiarity

Apollos was a key leader in the early church, who worked closely with the apostle Paul (1 Cor 16:12). Luke gives us insight into some of the qualities which made him so effective (Acts 18:24-28). First we see that he had a ‘thorough knowledge of the Scriptures’. This familiarity with the Bible is gained only by earnest and rigorous study, but it is the best defence (and attack) against Islamic doctrine. Second, he spoke with ‘fervour in the Spirit’; he knew God’s power and was enthusiastic to spread God’s Word and to engage others. Apollos was no ‘evan-jellyfish’ floating downstream with the current. Next, he was teachable. When Priscilla and Aquila took him aside to sort out some of his doctrine, he listened... and changed. Finally, he was not afraid to ‘vigorously refute’ the opposition. Rather he, like Paul, was determined to ‘demolish arguments and... take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ’ (2 Cor 10:5). Please Lord, in this generation, raise up more like Apollos.

Article written by Peter Saunders

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