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ss nucleus - spring 2005,  Editorial


Many people told me their exciting plans for holidays over the Easter break, and I’m sure the majority of you will have come back refreshed from a relaxing time away, be it four weeks or four days! I must admit that I’ve particularly missed the opportunity to ski this year, which doesn’t look like happening (one CMF staff member has managed to visit the slopes twice already!).

Should I be feeling sorry for myself? The answer is definitely no – and the reasons are twofold. By the time you read this, Easter for most of us will be a distant memory, but I’ve had the privilege of teaching the Easter story to children at Sunday school and at the same time reflecting more deeply on the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross. For ‘God made him who had no sin to become sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God’ (2 Cor 5:21). The punishment that was deservedly ours is no longer. Even for Christian doctors working long hours, that must be great news!

Equally, contemplating the events of the Asian tsunami has dampened my appetite for holidays. Perhaps by spending less, I would be in a better position to give more, even if, as medical students, we are low on the proverbial food chain of the medical profession. Steve Fouch, CMF’s Allied Professions Secretary, writes about the tsunami, exploring the harsh realities of this world on pp19-25. He draws our attention to wider issues in the world and the need to ‘seek justice, [and] encourage the oppressed’ (Is 1:17).

The House of Lords Select Committee examining Lord Joffe’s euthanasia bill was due to report in early April, soon after we went to press. Whatever the findings of its report, there are big implications for society and healthcare, and we at Nucleus are keen for our readers to play their part. While our elected leaders might be more than happy to keep religion a personal and private matter, staying silent on matters of life and death is not an option for us. On pp13-18, Andrew Fergusson writes about the dangers that plague the road of ‘mercy killing’, many of which have been realised in the Netherlands: the article sends a chilling reminder that as a potential patient in hospital, you may encounter doctors that don’t respect your life as you do.

On a subject closer to home, we all like the freebies that are readily available when drug reps come round to sell their wares, not least the sponsored lunches. But is it right? Rosemary Lambley digs deeper behind the simple ‘generosity’ (pp2-4).

We hope that in this issue, there is something for everyone – but do let us know if you have burning questions for future editions – drop a note to the usual address,

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