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Mission Matters

winter 2006

From CMF news - winter 2006 - Mission Matters [p6]

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Kashmir Earthquake – the need for longerterm involvement

The CMF appeal has generated a hugely generous response in terms of money donated together with some members who have offered to get involved personally (see Triple Helix). In the short term, CMF has been directing interested persons to SIM, Tearfund and other secular agencies who are organising relief teams. The information that we have received back from members working in the area is that the local hospitals have been overwhelmed by the numbers of folk turning up (often unannounced) to help out.

In the longer term the needs will continue far beyond the time that media interest wanes. Prior to the earthquake, this was one of the areas to which CMF had been considering sending short-term teams. The needs and priorities will have changed but if you are interested in being involved in longer term care and reconstruction (or already are) please do get in touch with us.

Keeping track of your movements overseas and our database up to date

Both the Kashmir Earthquake and the Tsunami of 2005 have demonstrated the importance of having facts at our fingertips to enable a rapid response.We have a mass of information about members overseas interests from a survey carried out three years ago and, to a lesser degree, from one carried out last year. However, I continue to hear of members who are ‘hiding their light under a bushel’, who are involved overseas but not making us aware of what they are up to.

Can I encourage all such members, once again, to keep us in the loop if you are involved in short term visits overseas, or are willing to offer your skills when needs arise, please let us know - at - so that we can add the details to our database.

As I mentioned in the last CMF News, we would also be interested to hear from any members who are about to make a trip overseas for any reason, and who might have time on their hands to encourage and support national or expatriate members working in that country.We can often put you in touch with local groups who would value your input and encouragement.

We would also be particularly interested in hearing from any who are prepared to:

  • Respond to disaster/ emergency relief situations
  • Offer as a locum overseas
  • Offer a clinical attachment to a PLAB doctor.

Writers needed

We are in the process of producing a new edition of ‘Re-tyred not retired’ and are looking for contributions from those who have been using their retirement to work overseas. The aim of the booklet is to stimulate interest and challenge other to follow suit. The article should include a brief biographical paragraph; some snapshots of interesting things you have seen and done and lessons you have learnt which would be of value to others and perhaps ease their passage into a similar work. Length should be limited to 900 words or so and can include one or two photographs. It may be that there are some trainees who would have undertaken part of their training abroad who would like to share the experiences with others.We would also be interested in hearing from you.

Elective Days 2006

Traditionally, CMF has organised two Elective Days each year, one in Leeds and the other in London. In times past, a similar day was held in Scotland.We were excited to hear that a number of CMF student groups have held their own Elective Day Conferences during this year – and we would encourage others do likewise. Do let us know if you do. Advice comes free and if you are looking for speakers or want us to help, we may well be able to help.

Elective Days 2006 will be held at: South Parade Baptist Church in Leeds on Saturday 4th March and in London, at Partnership House on Wednesday 15th March.

See for details

Developing Health Course 2006

This will be held at Oak Hill College at the slightly later date of 23 July to 4 August, to avoid a clash with the ICMDA Conference in Sydney. Do let any prospective overseas workers and any on home leave know about the course. Further details can be found on the overseas website at

Article written by Peter Armon

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