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Members' News

winter 2006

From CMF news - winter 2006 - Members' News [p2]

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On their awards and appointments:

June Jones - PhD in Medical Ethics

Tim Lyttle - Medical Director on the Wrexham Local Health Board

Andrew Fergusson - President and CEO of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

If you have recently received an award, a new appointment or postgraduate qualification please let us know for the next edition of CMF News.


These have been moved to Triple Helix


Adam Black (Glasgow) to India

Sharon Kane (Manchester) to Mozambique

Martin Scholten to Germany

Jin Poi Tan (UCD) to Malaysia

Philip Wood (St Bartholomew’s) to Uganda


Stroma Beattie (Edinburgh) from Singapore

Ruth Smith from Australia

Gregory & Katie Warner (KCL) from New Zealand

Change of address abroad

Joel Dembele (Yugoslavia) from Chad to Rwanda

Amy Forry (USA) within USA

Lee Wei Lim (Ukraine) from Ukraine to Netherlands

CMF Committees

CMF is highly dependent on the generosity of hundreds of members who willingly and voluntarily give time to developing the fellowship’s ministry. If you would like to know more about any specific area of our ministry then feel free to contact the following:

Executive Committee. Mark Cheesman.

Business Advisory Committee. Tony Bell.

Publications Committee. Allister Vale.

International Healthserve Committee.
Bruce Richard.
Howard Lyons.

Medical Study Group. John Wyatt.

Triple Helix Editorial Board. Peter Saunders.

Nucleus Editorial Committee. Gavin Ling.

Junior Doctors’ Committee. Sarah Germain.

Students’ Co-ordinating Committee. John Greenall.

Regional CMF Meetings

Information about local groups for graduates, juniors and students are available on the CMF website at

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