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Saline Solution Conferences in UK

Since 2004, over 40 Saline Solution day conferences have been held in the UK with over 1,000 participants. The majority of the participants are CMF members but the conferences have also drawn in a number of doctors who are non-members, and other allied healthcare professionals. As a spin-off from the conferences some new members have been recruited and a few local follow up groups have begun to meet.

Over 100 people have participated in small group saline courses around the country using the original American video programme. The videos and associated handbooks may be bought through the CMF publications department by anyone who would like to start a group in their area.

In addition, there have been many seminars and evening events on the theme of 'sharing our faith' with student and regional groups around the country, and occasionally with other groups such as the Christian Dental Fellowship, Christian Nurses and Midwives, Christian Therapists Network and Christian Workplace Forum.

Team of Saline Solution Leaders

Initially the conferences were led by Peter Saunders, Jeremy Franklin and myself. Over the past twelve months we have been expanding the team with a view to having experienced leaders in all parts of the country. So far we have involved additional local leaders from the South-East, London, the South-West, the West, the Midlands, the North-West, the North-East and Scotland and more are ready to come on board, including some nurses.

International Saline

It has been a joy and delight to work with Bob Snyder of International Health Services (who hold the international rights for Saline Solution).We are already involved with him and his colleague, Gabor Gyori from Hungary, in helping Saline get off the ground in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Switzerland and there are plans to go to India in partnership with EMFI, our sister organisation, later in the year.

It is planned to review the two parallel aspects of Saline (faith & health research/how to be a witness) and simplify the course so that it can be readily adapted for use in different countries with local illustrations and translated into different languages. The course has already been translated into Hungarian and Dutch, and a German translator has been identified. International Health Services have had requests for help with Saline from over 60 countries.

Confident Christianity

CMF's popular Confident Christianity course on evangelism and apologetics is now available on dvd with 90 minutes of teaching videos, plus two manuals, powerpoint and overheads – all for only £10 – via the CMF Office. 350 dvds were circulated free to delegates at the recent European Leadership Forum in Hungary in May.

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