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Mission Matters

News of our members working abroad

We currently have 155 members working abroad, 14 currently in the UK on home assignments and 12 preparing to go abroad within the next nine months. At the same time 11 members have returned home at the end of their contracts overseas.

Please continue to pray

  • For those preparing to go - that will continue to be open to Gods leading and direction and will know his joy and peace in the midst of the upheaval.
  • For those on home assignment - that they will be blessed and be a blessing to those they share with; refreshed, rather than exhausted.
  • For those recently returned to the UK – that they, and their families, will quickly settle and adjust to life in their 'home' country.

News from members working abroad is always interesting and sometimes heart rending. Many write of feeling totally overwhelmed by the HIV problem - the despair of facing innumerable deaths on every front – many of them unnecessary and preventable. At the same time, the generous hospitality and grateful thanks of those who have next to nothing to offer, are simply overwhelming and humbling. All speak of the need for the Lord to send more workers into the field.

One member writes of wearing out six pairs of expensive trekking sandals in the past year as she has walked around her 'patch' - villages virtually inaccessible to even 4x4 vehicles. She describes (with delight) taking a high ranking Western Aid official, who wanted 'to see things as they really are', on a 3 hour walk to a village to see a work partfunded by his organisation. They had to wade through five rivers in flood, thigh high and crocodile infested, to get there. She had forgotten to tell him that they would be in flood! It was 'fun' she said and the aid still continues to flow!

Another tells of meeting a Canadian nurse, while out on an eye safari, working in the back of beyond, only accessible by a 4x4 vehicle lurching from boulder to boulder over a zig zag trail through the hill country in an extremely remote corner of Africa. In her late 70's and officially retired from nursing, she had been working there for 52 years, faithfully serving God and his people.'How can I go back to Canada when there are so many people here that need to hear about the saviour?'was her only comment.

Opportunities to help

Bach Hospital at the centre of the Kashmir earthquake zone in Pakistan is in continuing need of plastic and orthopaedic surgeons together with Obstetrician/Gynaecologist and Anaesthetists. GPs would also be welcome over the coming year. There is need for a General Surgeon to cover the leave of their surgeon for any part of the time up until May 2007. Contact me for details.

And for those who are not sure whether this sort of thing is for them or not, SIM are organising another 3 week field trip to observe and experience healthcare in a cross cultural setting, this time in Duncan Hospital in Raxaul, North India from 11-31 October 2006 (possibly shorter period). More details about the trips and applications forms can be obtained at More details about the hospital itself can be found at Other opportunities can be found at


I have been out of the office for several months after breaking my leg but hope to be back in harness by the time you receive this. Thank you for your prayers and to the many who have been in touch. It has been good to have the time to read and think and pray and it's been helpful to have had continued office email access to deal with queries and keep in touch with members abroad. Steve and Laura have done an excellent job of carrying the major part of the workload. They report a good National Conference input and an excellent opportunity to share at a Missions Fair held at All Nations Christian College. By the time you read this, the ICMDA Conference in Sydney may well be over and the Developing Health Course (DHC) in full swing.

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