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ss triple helix - winter 2007,  Lessons Learned on the Journey - Exploring the realities of faith through word and art (Book Review)

Lessons Learned on the Journey - Exploring the realities of faith through word and art (Book Review)

Lessons Learned on the Journey - Exploring the realities of faith through word and art - Bob Snyder, illustrated by Andras Simon - Baxter Press 2004 - Limited Edition $250 contribution - Standard Edition $30 contribution Hb 107pp - ISBN 1 88823 7503

Some years ago, when he moved from Philadelphia to Hungary to work with International Health Services, emergency physician Bob Snyder began to write a journal of the spiritual lessons that God was teaching him through everyday experiences. In this book, Bob has brought together 50 of these vignettes and asked his friend, Christian artist Andras Simon, to illustrate them. Each page can be read as a separate 'thought for the day' and contains Bob's reflections on a personal experience or conversation in the light of Scripture, with an original line drawing by Andras to stimulate the reader's own thoughts on the day's theme.

Bob's personal struggles and refreshing humility in his walk with Christ come through on every page, as he looks at topics as varied as learning to live with gratitude, the benefits of repeated practice, harnessing the power of words and taking advantage of our weaknesses. In a gentle way, these pages are packed with biblical truth, but the way in is usually through a personal experience. The line drawings for each page combine startling simplicity with penetrating insight.

Bob and his wife Pamela are especially interested in the power of faith stories to communicate Christ to our generation. Why do millions of people in Britain watch EastEnders every week? It is because everyone loves a story. One of the great discoveries for Christians today may be that, even when our friends and colleagues will not come to a meeting or listen to preaching, we can always tell something of our story by sharing our testimony with them as we sit and have a meal or a drink together in a 'safe' environment. We not only have ideas about God to share, but we can also tell of a living God who makes a difference to our every day lives.

I have used this book in a number of ways: to read daily for a month or so; as an aid to meditation for a concentrated period of retreat; and to refer back to a particular theme as an occasion arises. The short chapters make it very accessible and I have been both encouraged and challenged by it. I warmly commend it as an aid to reflecting on your own personal journey with Christ.

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