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Transforming Care - A Christian Vision of Nursing Practice (Book Review)

autumn 2007

From triple helix - autumn 2007 - Transforming Care - A Christian Vision of Nursing Practice (Book Review) [p20]

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Mary Molewyk Doornbos et al - Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Company 2005 - £9.00 Pb 211pp - ISBN 0 20282 8744

This book explores the distinctives that Christians bring to their professional practice. Starting with theological perspectives on nursing practice, personhood, health and healing, the authors explore the values and interpersonal ethics that underpin a consistent Christian ethic of nursing.

They go on to look at how these values are worked out in practice in mental health, community and acute nursing. Vignettes explore the practical outworking of the theoretical sections and the authors seek to show how biblical faith should act as a springboard to treating patients and colleagues in a distinctively Christian manner.

This is a useful book to start a serious exploration of how faith and practice intersect. However, this book raises more questions than it answers. It eschews a didactic approach for one that explores issues through illustrative narratives and reflective questioning. This may be frustrating for some, but can be very helpful in enabling us to think around the issues.

While this book is squarely aimed at American nurses, it asks questions highly relevant to non- American doctors and medical students as well.

Article written by Steve Fouch

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