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ss triple helix - autumn 2007,  The Morning After Pill (Book Review)

The Morning After Pill (Book Review)

John Ling - The Christian Institute 2007 - FREE (0191 281 5664) Pb 88pp - ISBN 1 90108 6364

'Human life begins when a man's sperm fertilises a woman's ovum.' This is the starting point for John Ling's elegant, thoroughly researched but hard hitting book on the morning after pill (MAP).

Ling reviews MAP's history and social/personal impact. Then he demonstrates how society has been brainwashed into accepting a 'new biology' that states that, since life begins post-fertilisation, drugs such as the MAP are contraceptives not abortifacients. Ling provides extremely useful pointers from Scripture and simple logic to refute this new biology and the counterarguments that are used to defend the MAP. Finally, he suggests what our Christian response should be.

Not everyone will like this book. Ling writes with a passion that may be construed as confrontational. Some Christians will not agree with his definition of the beginning of life whilst others see the MAP as the 'lesser evil' in the abortion debate. However, this accessible book has a usefulness that goes beyond its subject matter and could be used as a handbook for anyone wishing to apply Christian ethics in a firm but loving manner. I strongly recommend it.

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