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ss triple helix - summer 2008,  Does God Still Do Miracles? - An MD Examines (Book Review)

Does God Still Do Miracles? - An MD Examines (Book Review)

Brad Burke - Kingsway Publications 2006 - £6.99 Pb 160pp - ISBN 0 78144 2826

This excellent short book deserves to be widely read, not least by Christian doctors and church leaders. 'Health and wealth prosperity teaching' flourishes across the world. Bible teachers should understand what the Bible says about wealth, but medical people with pastoral hearts are needed in every congregation to unravel the 'mysteries' about healing. Dr Burke considers the distinctive features of Christ's miracles before comparing them to the apparent miracles of faith healers. He rightly focuses on Kathryn Kuhlman who has been so influential – Benny Hinn visits her grave to acquire 'anointing' from her bones! Her work was devastatingly exposed by Dr William Nolen who volunteered as an usher for one of her miracle services to see closely what was going on. Similarly, Burke closely observed Hinn's performances, noting that patients with visible deformities were kept away from the stage. Their findings fit closely with my own investigations of Morris Cerullo and others. Burke draws on the views of well known Christian doctors and touches briefly on Lourdes. Finally, he discusses the main Bible passages healers use to justify themselves. I have very few criticisms of this book. It is readable, comprehensive and deeply compelling.

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