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ss triple helix - summer 2008,  God's Undertaker - Has Science Buried God? (Book Review)

God's Undertaker - Has Science Buried God? (Book Review)

John Lennox - Lion Hudson 2007 - £8.99 Pb 192 pp - ISBN 0 74595 3034

John Lennox is an Oxford lecturer in mathematics and the philosophy of science. This slim paperback is his much awaited contribution to the science-faith debate that, for many people, has become the key apologetic issue of the day. Lennox provides an excellent overview and is particularly strong on the philosophical underlay, historical background, and cosmology. His text is well referenced and packed with quotations. He provides a thorough critique of Dawkins' neo- Darwinist ideas and then introduces thinking more specifically his own. He suggests that, like matter and energy, information is a fundamental component of our universe. Lennox freely admits that the second half of his book is more controversial. Yet his arguments come with hefty mathematical reasoning, making this the most persuasive presentation of Intelligent Design I have read. Moreover, he rebuts the criticism that such arguments represent an unwelcome return to 'god-of-the-gaps' thinking. Lennox's style is very concise. Many readers will like this but the complexity of his language will undoubtedly be a barrier for others. Nonetheless, this work is a must for every enquirer who remains unsatisfied by Dawkins.

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