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Care of the cancer patient

Easter 2009

From triple helix - Easter 2009 - Care of the cancer patient [p20]

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<p><strong>Care of the cancer patient</strong><br />
<strong><em>A quick reference guide</em></strong><br />
<<em>Wesley Finegan and Angela McGurk</em><br />
Radcliffe Publishing 2007 <br />
£19.95 ; Pb; 328pp<br />
ISBN 1 84619 128 9</p>

This book is a palliative care textbook by Finegan, a recently deceased CMF member and palliative care physician, and McGurk, a nurse. It covers a wide range of issues pertinent to those looking after patients with cancer. There is a large section on communication skills, an A-Z overview of how to manage common symptoms, and a section on ethical and spiritual issues. It concludes with a series of quick practical guides on subjects as diverse as dictating letters, appraising a research paper, and how to relax!

Written with warmth and humanity, this is a helpful book. It is laid out clearly with a consistent structure that will help systematic assessment and management. The advice given is simple and straightforward, although perhaps a little brief at times. Clear examples and a personal touch come from the extensive use of anecdotes in certain sections. These are very helpful but make the text cumbersome at times, hindering quick reference.

This is a good generalist cancer palliative care text. However, it is not a specialist palliative care text, so readers who desire greater detail may decide to read it in conjunction with one of the resource texts listed at the beginning of the book.

Article written by Kerry Waterfield

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