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From Ralph Sinn, ICMDA General Secretary

Regional ICMDA conferences are being planned for 2003 and 2004. Please pray for our Father’s blessing on the preparations for these conferences as well as for the successes, nurturing, and blessing these conferences can bring. In November 2003, the Central American Regional ICMDA Conference is to be held in Honduras. Also in November, there is hoped to be a West African Regional ICMDA Conference in Nigeria. In 2004, the following Regional ICMDA Conferences are planned:

  • Southern African Region - April, in Malawi
  • Europe - September, in Germany
  • South America - November, in
  • Ecuador East Africa - Uganda
  • Asia/Pacific - India

As well, planning for the next ICMDA World Congress, to be held in July 2006, in Sydney, Australia, is well under way. Please pray for the speakers and theme that our Father is even now preparing in advance for the blessing this World Congress can bring.

Please pray for the nurturing and growth of graduates, juniors, and students, in personal and professional capacities. The foundation of Christ in one’s life is a firm rock that gives us a footing in the varied storms of life in this world. Praise God for CMF UK, and the many sister Christian Medical/Dental fellowships in the world, affiliated with ICMDA or other Christian medical/dental organizations, that seek to help us to recognize that rock on which to stand. A blessed Easter to everyone from ICMDA. He is risen!

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From Peter Pattisson, ICMDA European Regional Secretary

‘Returning on 22 March from a week in Russia in company with Tim Rudge, IFES regional coordinator, my mind is full of things Russian. The Russian Christian Medical Association is now poised for full membership of ICMDA (How we rejoiced at the Seoul ICMDA Congress in 1990 when one Russian was able to join us and how things have moved on from there!) They are planning a major conference in Moscow on 3-6 October.

We met a fine group of twelve African Christian medical students in Rostov-on-Don eager to live for Christ and challenged to take the gospel to their Russian fellow students. Christians in the medical schools are few and widely scattered. The strongly humanistic and biomechanical frameworks for medical education discourage many, but many are eager to have their lives shaped by the Word of God.

Preparations are in hand for a major conference in Samara for students and junior doctors on 15-20 July. They are hoping to gather 200 or more for this from all over Russia and surrounding countries. Please pray for all these exciting developments.’

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