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rear view mirrow

Biker Robin Jameson believes in looking back

On life's journey it is useful to glance in the rear view mirror, because while you know your destination such a glance can keep you from danger when you're thinking about a change of direction. If you are a cyclist you will know that the glance over your shoulder is rightly called a 'lifesaver'. As a biker I use both the mirror and that glance!

When the way ahead is difficult and seems blocked, it is tempting to overtake. It is then that the rear mirror and a backward glance can be lifesavers. As you consider the past and how God has protected and guided you, that rear view mirror will show you that God's goodness and mercy have followed you.

God knows your future and he is faithful in giving opportunities for you to be equipped for unforeseen eventualities. '“For I knowthe plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”'(Jeremiah 29:11). Our daily prayer must be that he will make us the people he wants us to be.

Consider the influence you have on others. How will you be remembered? Are you only 'a pleasant chap' or 'a pretty intelligent girl', or will you be remembered because you try to behave like Jesus?

Some time ago my wife and I went to a memorial service for Professor Mike Parkin in Durham Cathedral. We vividly remember that visit. In the crowded cathedral we were surrounded by weeping children with their parents. We remember a seven year old lad crying as he clung to his parents: 'My doctor is dead, he helped me to get better. He was so kind!'

Fiona squeezed my hand, kissed me and murmured, 'What a wayto be remembered as a doctor!' As others later look back, will you be remembered for your kindness as well as your competence?

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