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spring 2010

From CMF news - spring 2010 - PRIME [p08]

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Wanted: specialist tutors

PRIME started out in GP education but now receivesrequests covering a huge range of specialty subjects.Unfortunately we still have relatively few specialiststo call upon. Can you help?

Partner organisations often have gaps in their ownteaching resources and ask for specific input –hepatologist for Egypt; anaesthetist and diabetologistfor the Middle East; endoscopy teaching in East Africa;together with requests for trauma surgeons andparamedics, palliative care (doctors and nurses),mental health and more. All you need are expertise,willingness to teach, a compassionate whole personapproach to both patients and students, andwillingness to travel at your own cost.

Wanted: faculty trainers

PRIME is increasingly asked to run courses forteaching staff. The Dean of one prestigious eastEuropean medical school was so enthusiastic aboutthe PRIME course attended by 70 of his teachershe has offered to write to the deans of all the othermedical schools in the country to recommend it.Without more tutors able to teach at this level wecannot walk through the doors that are opening.

Wanted: GP tutors for Russia

Russia is undergoing great changes in primary careand PRIME has more requests than we can fulfil.

PRIME training courses

Why not come? Run at cost in keeping with ourservant ethos, and even if you never intend teachingwith PRIME, you are welcome. CME approval willbe applied for.

  • Portugal 21-22 May in Lisbon, with PRIMEPortugal. 'Changing Values in a Changing Society.'UK participants welcome. £30 plus meals andaccommodation.
  • Scotland 17-19 June, with NCFI. 'Whole PersonCare – an Integrated Approach.' Tutor trainingsuitable for both doctors and nurses.

Wanted: finance

PRIME is incredibly cost effective – but we do needsufficient income to cover administration, travelbursaries to enable doctors and nurses from lowerincome nations to attend training courses, and to helpfinance distance learning tools needed to supplementface to face teaching. One-off gifts or regular standingorders will enable this ministry to grow to meet thedemands, especially from the poorest parts of theworld. Visit for details.

John Caroe is Chair of PRIME

Article written by John Caroe

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