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ss triple helix - summer 2010,  Working from a place of rest

Working from a place of rest

Jesus and the key to sustaining ministry
Tony Horsfall
  • BRF 2010
  • £6.99 Pb 135pp
  • ISBN 978 1 84101 544 6
The paradox in the title draws the reader into this book. Horsfall draws on his extensive experience of training to provide guidance for sustainable Christian life. He uses the example of Jesus' meeting with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 as Jesus 'working from a place of rest'. Here we find the Lord at rest, refreshing his bodily needs. His journey had been long but even as he rested, he found the energy to share something of his Lordship with a sinful woman.

Horsfall likens life to a journey and recognises that in the task of Christian ministry, we can operate on human effort rather than allowing ourselves sustenance through the Spirit. To avoid exhaustion, we must learn to rest in Jesus and prayerfully depend on him. As we receive his Spirit, our rest becomes the launch pad for a life of active service in his name. The wisdom in this book is invaluable for anybody involved in Christian ministry; it should be read in its entirety again and again to remind us of the tremendous partnership we have with Christ Jesus.
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