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a summer adventure

Carmen Leung reports on a CMF summer team.

This summer, two doctors and two medical students embarked on an adventure in a distant Eastern European country where they were involved with helping out at a Christian medical camp. We did not know what to expect; one doctor was pleasantly surprised that there were 'normal' toilets! We arrived after a long journey in the middle of the night, with the camp commencing the same day. As was tradition, soup was the lunch menu for the week, while bread was also present at every meal (including breakfast!) None of the team spoke the local language and we were most grateful to our two translators who were our 'Aaron' for the week. It was amazing that although we spoke a different language and were practically mute, we were still able to worship and praise the same God with overflowing praise! Our God is not bound by human limitations!

It was also encouraging that more than two-thirds of the attendees were not Christians. Great discussions about grace, pain and suffering happened in our small groups. We led seminars on diverse topics - artificial insemination, organ transplants, clinical examination, basic life support, suturing, along with devotion and prayer. As a student, I recognised my own limitations, but used the opportunity to improve my medical knowledge. There were many things that we were able to help with, such as teaching other students how to do clinical examinations and tie surgical hand knots. After my return, I was taught how to tie hand knots at my own medical school in the UK in ten minutes, but because I had learnt how to do it effectively during the summer, I was able to help out my colleagues who were finding it difficult!

Midweek, we were asked to lead a British night which involved a pub quiz and some silly games, which were welcomed with much enthusiasm. Overall, the trip was extremely encouraging both to the locals who attended the camp and also to the British team.

God provided in all circumstances – in the crazy weather we experienced, and when the customs officer denied entry at midnight to the only person in the queue. Through the trip, I learnt that there is always an opportunity to serve God if you make yourself open to his calling. I was also reminded that even as a young person, I could still be useful. (1) It was a very productive way to spend the summer – guaranteed fun while being able to explore another country!

Carmen Leung is a clinical medical student at HYMSreferences 1 Timothy 4:12
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