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Mark Meynell
IVP 2005
£7.99 RRP (but only £4.00 on 12 – 12 scheme!)

For anyone fascinated by Jesus' death on the cross, a book which explores the facts about humanity's sin, the cross and the resurrection is a helpful tool to understand God's ultimate plan and to fall more in love with the resurrected Christ.

Cross-examined is just that, a book which answers many questions both for those who have read extensively on the subject and also for new believers. In eleven concise chapters, Mark Meynell explores important and fundamental theological points in a relevant and accessible way for all readers. By frequent and interesting references from history, poetry and literature, issues like the wrath of God and terms like 'substitutional atonement' become incentives for praise rather than causes for confusion.

Bible references at the beginning of most chapters and a summary at the chapter end encourages the reader to keep the Bible as the central text and ensures the main points are heard loudly and clearly. I wholeheartedly recommend the study guide for each chapter as discipleship or small-group material. Cross-examined is an excellent read for the busy medical student who is intrigued to delve deeper into the meaning of the cross (or slightly puzzled by it!), as well as those who may struggle to explain it to others. If there is one book to read on the subject while at medical school, this should be it!

Alison Weetch is a clinical medical student in Oxford

Cure for life

Bernard Palmer
CMF 2006
£5.00 RRP (but £2.00 on 12- 12 scheme!)

This may be the shortest book on the 12-12 list, but it sure packs a punch, providing an unashamed, systematic, whistle-stop tour of what faith in Jesus is really about. A concisely built picture of Jesus grows to a spotlight moment where the reality of Jesus Christ is clearly displayed in a way that is hard for the reader to escape – encouraging them to stand at the crossroads and make a decision.

The rich text is seasoned with Bible verses, personal testimonies and historical and contemporary examples from both Christian and secular culture - often with a medical slant. These take readers on a journey exploring who Jesus is, what he did and how we should respond to that. There are ten short, accessible and easy to read chapters. Any Christian jargon is explained. Common questions are addressed, such as what it means to follow Christ, the reliability of the Bible, whether Jesus really died on the cross, and how to become a Christian.

The last two chapters practically examine what the Christian life should look like, providing encouragement on living like Jesus, reading the Bible, praying, meeting with other Christians and sharing Jesus. This is a book to read, then give away to those wishing to look into Christianity, or who need encouraging in the faith they already have in Jesus. I was inspired and encouraged by this book, and now have a pile of my own which I have started handing out!

Rachel Owusu-Ankomah is a clinical medical student at St George's, University of London

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