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AIDS action & Church communities confronting HIV & AIDS

summer 2011

From triple helix - summer 2011 - AIDS action & Church communities confronting HIV & AIDS [p20]

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These two books aim to challenge, encourage and enable readers to repond practically to the challenge of HIV and AIDS in their own communities and globally. The books take similar overall themes - what is HIV? How can churches and individual Christians respond to the needs for prevention, care and compassion? Dixon's book is more didactic with main themes summarised in bullet points;Gideon's is no less rigorous, but pauses regularly for the reader to respond to the challenges raised in each chapter with personal prayer and reflection. Both raise challlenges, not least in the areas of theological approaches to harm reduction, the use of condoms, and how sex and sexuality can be addressed in churches. Two scripturally based approaches to something that is still a key issue for the church.

Article written by Steve Fouch

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