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ss triple helix - summer 2011,  A pathologist looks at healing

A pathologist looks at healing

David Powell
  • Powell Charity Trust 2010
  • £7.50 Pb 140pp
  • ISBN 978 0 95623 361 5
  • Available from & Maes Bryglass, Peniel, Carmarthen SA32 7HF
David Powell qualified in medicine in 1952. He was awarded the MD (Commend) Ed 1959, FRCPath 1974 and FRCP 1981. I say this to make the point that David is not a new boy to medicine. He has been around a long time and has given very careful consideration to the matters of natural, spiritual and miraculous healing. This is one of the few books that I have read twice where the second reading was more enjoyable and enlightening than the first. I read it initially in a hurry, but the author has written a thoughtful and reflective book which greaters repays the same disposition in the reader.

From his experience as a Consultant Pathologist, he takes us through questions about 'normality', the ambiguities of prognosis, the nature of disease, the process of ageing and the business of dying. This sets the scene for an exploration of bliblical, historical and contemporary healings. The book is well illustrated with quotations from his own wide reading - secular and medical, historical and contemporary. This is th emost considered book I have read on this important subject, and written pastorally by a seneior CMF member - in both age and experience - I warmly commend it.
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