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ss nucleus - summer 2011,  a year gone by

a year gone by

On the evening of 29 May, I lay on my bed staring at the blank ceiling with relieved disbelief that it was all over! Having done three exams and handed in a dissertation on the controversial subject of conscientious objection in medical practice, I honestly felt like a massive weight had been lifted, literally out of my brain. As I reflected on how the 'year' had gone, I thought the BSc which I had been a bit nervous about last September had come to an end so quickly. Studying medical ethics and law while volunteering a day each week working as a CMF student intern had been a challenging but rewarding and enjoyable experience. It was a year filled with many lessons, especially in my walk with God.

In my interaction with others (especially non- Christians), I learnt not to speak 'Christianese' when talking about moral issues. I saw how discussion about ethics often opens great doors for us to share our faith and worldview. I also have a renewed appreciation of Nucleus; I have learnt the importance of reading and writing; knowing what is happening in the world and influencing our increasingly secular society. On the other hand, I learnt that arguments can be endless, and sometimes we will not win arguments about important issues in life. However, there is no defence, law or argument against love; being or manifesting Christ in all our conduct and relationships with people.

Showing love is something I have always been taught is important, but I've underestimated love's impact on those who see our lives. This calls us to depend on the Holy Spirit for all we do in our witnessing being spiritually vigilant and prayerful people (1) who speak and communicate with grace. About people in general, I learnt that in this dynamic pluralist culture, everyone (believers and non-believers alike) has standards, but often people just fail to uphold those standards. This has taught me respect for all people and a desire to hear their life story; knowing where they are in order to share the love of God. Jesus is the only one who has met God's standards. We have not; but through his sacrifice on the cross we can have confidence that one day, in his eternal Kingdom, all will be made new. (2)

After a long (hopefully lovely) summer holiday in Africa, I look forward to studying medicine again. For those who have one, I also wish you an enjoyable break. As we face the next academic year, I hope that you are encouraged by this Nucleus edition to seek God's guidance in all you do, to live and speak for Jesus Christ. Congratulations to the newly qualified doctors and welcome to freshers starting at medical school this autumn.

  1. Ephesians 6:10-18
  2. Revelation 21:5
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