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Resistance fighter

Christmas 2011

From triple helix - Christmas 2011 - Resistance fighter [p21]

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God's heart for the broken
Susie Howe
IVP 2011
£7.99  Pb 176pp
ISBN 9781844745173

This book is part autobiography and part an exploration of one of the great global issues of our time.

The story outlines how Susie came to faith, and as a consequence gave up the promise of a career in dancing to become a nurse. That opened the doorway for her to become involved in caring for people living with HIV and AIDS.

When she and her husband went to work for a couple of years at a small Zimbabwean hospital, she encountered one of the most dreadful consequences of HIV – the children forced to live on their own or with elderly grandparents because they have lost their parents to AIDS related illnesses. Susie set up an NGO that has gone round the world equipping, training, supporting and learning from local communities and churches seeking to help the vulnerable children in their communities.

Susie is a bit of a one-off – dynamic, energetic, full of God's love and as a result, a burning drive for compassion and justice. But when you read the stories of tragic young lives turned round by the care and compassion of God's people around the globe, you cannot fail to be inspired, and encouraged. This is a book to challenge complacency and give hope and inspiration.

Steve Fouch is CMF Head of Allied Professions Ministries.

Article written by Steve Fouch

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