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The Single Issue

Christmas 2011

From nucleus - Christmas 2011 - The Single Issue [p28]

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By Al Hsu
IVP 1998
£7.99 RRP (but £4.00 on 12-12 scheme)

Being a Christian isn't always easy. The same is true for being single. Surely it's just bad luck to find yourself both single and a Christian - double the difficulties some may say. It can feel that marriage is the expected within church, and with that comes pressure to settle down and find 'the one'. This book dispels all those pressures and sets the record straight.

Hsu tackles a range of issues surrounding singleness including sex and romance, what the Bible has to say and what the Christian society says today. Each chapter deals with these topics sensitively whilst firmly reminding us that what we want may not be the same as what God has planned for us. Hsu goes on to tackle the somewhat controversial topic of whether singleness is a gift and how this should affect our attitude towards being single.

What I like about this book is that it is grounded in Scripture, constantly turning to the Bible for advice and guidance. Each chapter ends with a short Bible study to reinforce the theme which makes it very practical and further roots its teaching in God's Word.

Overall this is a great book for any Christian, not just those of us who find ourselves single. Easy to read and grasp, The Single Issue will help you to understand God's heart and view of singleness and provide encouragement and guidance to those who are single and struggling with it.

Jonathan Squibbs is a clinical medical student in Leeds.

Article written by Jonathan Squibba

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