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Finishing well to the Glory of God

spring 2012

From triple helix - spring 2012 - Finishing well to the Glory of God [p21]

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Strategies from a Christian Physician
John Dunlop
Crossway, 2011
£9.99 pB 222PP
ISBN 978 1 43351 347 3

Dr Dunlop writes from long experience as a Christian and a geriatrician. He garners from his experience stories of patients and acquaintances which illustrate strategies for preparing for an managing the end period of life, and living life as fully as possible to the glory of God. As he says, 'The greatest value we can have is that God ought to be glorified', commenting that 'dying well results from choices made throughout life'.

He writes fluently and interestingly, reminding us that for the Christian, death is an enemy and outside God's original intention for human beings. But death is also a defeated enemy as a condwquence of the death of Christ. This has major implications for our choices in life.

The book as a wealth of wisdom regarding preparing for our inevitable death. It is a book for us all and will be particularly relevant to doctors, pastors, and carers who deal with life-threatening illness in themselves or others. I hope it will be widely read. Do not be put off by the occasional Americanisms, and do remember that 911 is the equivalent of our 999!

Anthony Smith is a PRIME tutor and a retired palliative care physician.

Article written by Anthony Smith

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