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Medical mission

What do you think of when someone says ‘medical mission’? Your medical elective? Long-term service overseas? Practising as a doctor in the UK? Wherever our mission field is located, all Christian medics are called to be involved. In this section those who have gone before us offer advice and personal insights.


Building the kingdom of God

What is the primary reason for my or your existence on this planet? I believe it is to be involved in building the kingdom of God, in our own lives, in our communities and to the ends of the earth. I define ‘kingdom of God’ as the sphere of life where God’s rule is accepted. Once we have been called into the family of God we are sent out with his message of hope to our needy world. Jesus said, ‘go and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you’ (Mt 28:19,20) and, ‘as the Father has sent me, I am sending you’ (Jn 20:21). Should not this ‘great commission’ be our daily motivation and career planner? (Lyttle T. Medical School. Nucleus 1998; 28-31, October)

Considering short-term mission?

Dr Paul Jordan gives this advice to those who are considering a short-term medical mission trip:

  1. Go where you are needed and wanted
  2. Be self supporting if possible
  3. Be patient and expect to feel very inefficient
  4. Have a spiritual outreach and ministry
  5. Your contribution is based on what you are, rather than on what you do

(Schindler R. Short-term Medical Missions. Nucleus 1999; 27-30, January)

What will you sacrifice?

We ate with some of the richest people in the community - but the meal I will always remember was provided by refugees in a semi-desert area. They gave us all that they produced from all that they owned - into one bowl. It was the sacrifice of the poorest of people trying to give a little of nothing back. Do we fear costly service to God- or do we give him back our all, from all that he has given us? (Warner M. Azerbaijan - doorway to another world. Nucleus 1996; 15-18, April)


God uses us in our weakness

We did not come with great eloquence, or wise and persuasive words. It seemed incredible that God in his strength could use us in our weakness. It felt as if we were nothing more than a herd of inept one-eyed cows, blundering around the orchard, bumping into trees and giving them a good old shake. And all the ripened fruit which God had prepared was plopping to the ground. ‘I sent you to reap what you have not worked for...’ (Jn 4:38). We felt greatly privileged to have glimpsed a tiny window on his work in the lives of individuals. (Selwood R. Poland - shaking the trees. Nucleus 1996;17-23, October)

Who do you love?

As a group who were prepared to touch and love people who were the lowest of the low, we made an impact on the whole community. I wondered at the huge impact the Lord Jesus had in his unceasing concern for the outcasts, the hopeless and the dying. (Warner M. Azerbaijan - doorway to another world. Nucleus 1996; 15-18, April)

Electives are eye-openers

My elective opened my eyes to the world of the unreached and stretched my vision for what God can do through me. (Tansworth M. Tales from Kazakstan. Nucleus 1999; 31-33, January)

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