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ss triple helix - Winter 2012,  With My Whole Heart

With My Whole Heart

Reflections on the heart of the Psalms

James Jones
SPCK Publishing 2012
£8.99 Pb 176pp
ISBN 978 0 21068 050

Bishop James Jones turned to the Book of Common Prayer when, within one week after making a heartfelt speech in the House of Lords, he underwent an angiogram followed by cardiac surgery. It all came as a shock and this collection of 78 meditations is the result.

Initially for his own counsel and consolation he selected psalms that mention the heart, but the result is a commentary that will hearten all who read it. As do the psalms themselves; the book finds words to cheer the sad and frightened, to rebuke the wayward, to revive the hearts of those hemmed in for whatever reason and to proclaim the wonderful works of the Lord.

Whilst James Jones was away from the front line his reflections brought fresh clarity about the risks and roots of personal pride and public immorality when hearts are deflected from the grandeur and purity of God, for 'the heart is the seat of the will'.

Neglect of the psalms is to deprive ourselves of a rich source of inspiration and encouragement. This little book will help us to find passages that speak most clearly to the heart's present need and promote our grateful meditation- before we send for another copy to give to someone else.

Janet Goodall is a retired paediatrician from Stoke-on-Trent.

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