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The Fight

The Fight

John White
IVP 2008
£8.00 RRP (but £4.00 on 12-12 scheme)

With such an abundance of Christian books being published to teach and direct us on so many different areas of life, do you find it difficult to know where to start? Try this. The Fight offers an overall, Bible-based guide to the Christian life as a whole. Psychiatrist John White makes clear what it means to be born again, describing our new status before God, and looking in more detail at how we can live this out. The book is set out in short, easily digestible chapters and covers everything from prayer, Bible reading and guidance to faith, holiness and the devil. White realistically identifies the areas in which we may struggle, and corrects the misconceptions we have, whilst also providing very practical advice for Christian living. White is careful not to create a legalistic, box-ticking exercise, but instead constantly reminds us of the wonders of God's grace and of our motivation to bring him glory. In areas where Christians disagree, White offers the biblical argument behind each point of view, allowing the reader to investigate further and form an individual decision.

As well as being a perfect starter for new Christians, this book is a great encouragement (and gentle push in the right direction) for those already running the race. The Fight is a serious and timely reminder of our role in the battle against flesh, against the world and against Satan, as we eagerly await the return of Christ.

Clare Bird is an FY1 doctor in East Anglia.

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