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Living with Infertility

summer 2013

From triple helix - summer 2013 - Living with Infertility [p20]

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A Christian Perspective
Rosemary Morgan

Bible Reading Fellowship, 2013
£7.99 Pb 144pp
ISBN 9780857460837

The key to this book is, unsurprisingly, in its title. Having read several books on infertility that focused on treatments and options available, and the rights and wrongs of each, I was half expecting the same of this. I could not have been more wrong.

The focus is purely on how to cope with living with infertility as a Christian. It is not full of answers on how to overcome infertility. Instead it aims to help readers deal with the emotional experiences infertility brings: the unanswered 'why', pain, anger, blame, jealousy, confusion and letting go (some of the chapter headings).

This book is born out of a journey that the author, a lay preacher, has made herself. It is a very personal account of the struggles she has, written within the context of her faith and deep trust in God, who cares and has answered, although not always in the ways she expected or wanted. Each chapter is built around specific emotions and considers the biblical perspective on those feelings, ending with a short prayer.

The author writes with a specific readership in mind – Christians facing or living with infertility – but undoubtedly this will be insightful reading for anyone wanting to understand and support couples, especially women, in such situations.

Philippa Taylor is CMF Head of Public Policy.

Article written by Philippa Taylor

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