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Christians in the Firing Line

winter 2013

From triple helix - winter 2013 - Christians in the Firing Line

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Richard Scott
Wilberforce Publications, 2013
£7.29 Pb 200 pp, ISBN 978095752515
Reviewed by John Martin, CMF Head of Communications

In 2009 at a CMF conference Richard Scott heard four Christian doctors and nurses who had run into trouble with their professional organisations. He left with five words ringing in his ears: 'It could be you next!' Three years later he himself would face the GMC over advice given to a patient.

Richard, a CMF member and GP from Margate writes well. He presents his case alongside twelve others in trouble over matters of conscience. They include a van driver, a relationship counsellor, a street preacher, an airport beautician, a city councillor and a pro-life activist. The book was compiled in cooperation with the Christian Legal Centre which was involved with most of these cases. This is a good read and Christians will benefit from heeding its message.

In his foreword, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali comments: 'We don't have to agree with every word of the author's or those mentioned here to admire them not only for their courage but also for their persistence and their faithfulness sometimes in the face of overwhelming odds.'

Whether Christians in Britain are being 'persecuted' is an ongoing debate, but most of the people whose stories appear here have paid a heavy price for their stand.

Article written by John Martin

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