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Christian Fellowship Hospital, India - David Bourne


From Elective Reviews - India - Christian Fellowship Hospital, India - David Bourne

The hospital is in rural India - doctors spoke English but no-one else did. Teaching, ward rounds and church were mainly in English. I experienced all specialities including community medicine. Very good teaching and excellent place to practice clinical skills, both medical and surgical. There are very few elective students there so you can integrate fully in to the community. The only negative is the basic living.

This elective would be suitable for the adventurous type and those who are keen to learn a lot but not suitable for those looking for a cushy experience. While there I visited Ooty, Mumar, various temples and Kerala. I wish I had brought my badminton racket (they have a sports hall on site) and learnt a lot of Tamil.

My elective was organised through the elective co-ordinator.

Approximate cost £1500-2000

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