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students, finance, staff, communications


Pray for Freshers

Between 1 September and mid-October a new generation of Freshers arrive at medical school. Most CMF campus groups man a stall and hold welcome events. Even so it's easy for students to fall between the cracks. Pray that new Freshers will find the CMF group and a helpful local church. Pray for the CMF groups as they reach out to Freshers.

UCCF Forum

CMF student leaders have an open invitation to take part in the UCCF leadership forum being held 1-5 September. The programme is packed with Jesus-centred Bible teaching and practical training for frontline leadership and public witness. For details see

Welcome Lydia Grace

Sarah Whitaker, who has been on CMF Staff since 2008 became a mum for the second time in April. The lovely Lydia Grace (born 8lb 2oz) is daughter to Nathan and sister to Daniel.

CARE publish CEO booklet

CEO Peter Saunders has authored a new booklet, Live and Let Live published by CARE. As well as including biblical material relevant to current debates on assisted suicide it includes advice on how to campaign about the issues involved.

Joined-up fellowship

Over 1,000 CMF members have so far logged in to our new online members' portal. If you've not yet visited the members' portal to log in and update your details, please do so. Please email our Membership Manager, Martin Parsons ( if you are experiencing problems.

Where do our funds come from?

CMF recognises unparalleled and growing opportunities to show Christ-like compassion, speak up for the voiceless and demonstrate whole person care. To make this possible the Fellowship relies on its members for a strong and stable financial base. This pie chart (opposite) provides a breakdown of CMF income in 2013. It's very clear that if CMF relied on subscription income alone, it would be able to do much less. Closer analysis indicates, however, that like many other charities and Christian agencies, 80 per cent of the income comes from just 20 per cent of those who give.

Here is a further breakdown:
Top 240 £1,845pa
Next 720 £307pa
Bottom 2,400 £0pa

Meet Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas from Worcester has joined the staff as a researcher within the CMF Public Policy team. To find out more about him and his hopes for the job we put some questions to Rick:

What interested you in working with CMF?
Bioethics is an obvious meeting-point for the two main streams of activity in my working life to date – medicine and church leadership. Like Peter Saunders and Philippa Taylor, I did the St Mary's Bioethics Masters as a distance learning option a few years ago. Having handed on some local church leadership responsibilities, a small window of time and focus appeared just as CMF advertised.

Tell us about your career to date?
I went to Worcester to do a first 'housejob', intending to stay only six months. That was 40 years ago, and we are still there! After a succession of junior hospital posts, I spent seven years in general practice, during which time I married Liz and we helped plant a church.

What are your church involvements?
We are part of the UK leadership team for the Salt and Light family of churches, and involved in a number of inter-church initiatives in Worcester. As church and family grew, life became more than a little congested. Eventually I left the practice in order to focus on the church work. I continued to do some hospital sessions in respiratory medicine, and still do. We recently handed on leadership of the local church but continue to encourage and resource a number of other churches in our region, some of which were planted from the church we led.

Tell us about your wife.
My wife, Liz, trained as a nursery nurse and returned to part-time work after the children started school. She works with pre-school, developmentally-challenged children, encouraging and monitoring their progress and supporting their parents, under the auspices of the local education authority.

What do you do for leisure?
I love rugby, especially watching Wales; music, especially Rachmaninov; and curry, especially if it's hot! I try to keep total decrepidation at bay on the squash court or the fells.

What do you see as the main challenges Christian doctors face today?
To be on the front foot, not intimidated, positive not defensive, biblically literate and reflective, and in love with Jesus!

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