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Sharing the journey

spring 2015

From triple helix - spring 2015 - Sharing the journey [p21]

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From grief to hope
David Chaput de Saintonge
  • PRIME, 2014, £9.95 Pb 68pp, ISBN 9780955952760
  • Reviewed by Anthony M Smith, retired palliative care consultant and PRIME tutor

This is a book of deeply sensitive poems and photographs. David shares his experience during the five years after being diagnosed with incurable cancer until very close to the end of the path. Since publication, David has gone to be with the Lord. Selections from his photographs beautifully illuminate the story.

The poems trace David's life through reminiscences of childhood, memories of courting and holidays in Devon and the Lake District. Throughout, the poems meditate on separation and loss, but increasingly there is confidence in God's care and trust in the sure and certain hope of life to come.

David Chaput was a brilliant medical doctor and a deeply spiritual Christian. After taking early retirement he became Director of Education for PRIME, the charity of which he was a founder trustee. There he continued to occupy his skills and intellect in teaching and training medical and nursing students and fellow professionals about whole person medicine.

Yet in these pages he acknowledges a sense of isolation and hopelessness at times on his own journey of weakness and dependency. In all these experiences he tells us he increasingly recognised the importance of asking the deep and difficult questions about purpose and direction. David wishes to assure us, in the words of his introduction, that we do not travel alone.

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