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Crazy Busy

winter 2015

From triple helix - winter 2015 - Crazy Busy [p20]

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A mercifully short book about a really big problem

Kevin DeYoung

IVP, 2013, £8.99 Pb 119pp, ISBN 9781783590230
Reviewed by Chris Lavy, consultant orthopaedic surgeon

Hands up those who are secretly a bit proud when people say 'you are one of the busiest people I know'. Many Christian doctors run a busy NHS practice with a role in management, plus some private work, and a smattering of national committees, plus a commitment to mission, a church group, and I've not even started on family life yet.

Kevin DeYoung is a dynamic American pastor who describes many of our lives when he says his average day is a cross between a perpetual summer camp and a three ring circus. This book is short, readable and funny but serious. I read it on a train journey because my PA told me I had to change my life.

DeYoung is my kind of writer. He warns us of three serious spiritual dangers of an over-busy life. It can ruin our joy, it can rob our hearts, and it can cover up the rot in our souls. He then gives us seven common and practical areas of busyness which we can review and consciously change. Finally, from the Mary and Martha story in Luke 10 he shows us one thing that is necessary, which trumps all busyness; a close relationship with Christ.

Article written by Chris Lavy

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