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Protestant social thought in Latin America

winter 2015

From triple helix - winter 2015 - Protestant social thought in Latin America [p2]

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Dr H Fernando Bullon Regnum Books, 2015, £16 Pb 261pp, ISBN 9781908355553 Reviewed by E John C Parker, retired GP

The application of the Christian Faith to Economic and Social development in South America has generated much interest, some of which has been labelled 'liberation theology'.

The author is of an evangelical persuasion but the book is a fair and balanced account, set in the Latin American context, of both evangelical and ecumenical thought going back to the latter part of the nineteenth century. He then describes how protestant missions and churches have demonstrated a strong social conscience, usually with a well thought out theoretical framework, and how this has been worked out on the ground. Medicine features highly in this, but also education, agriculture and ethics as well as substance abuse. It attempts to answer the question 'what is the church good for and does it make a difference?' Worthwhile questions indeed.

Dr Bullon is based at the evangelical University of the Americas in Costa Rica and is regarded as the premier protestant thinker and theologian of socio-economic development theory and the role of the church in Latin America today. He has written a rich and extensively researched study which would benefit anybody wishing to think seriously about mission strategy in South America. It also provides a very extensive bibliography on the subject.

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