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ss nucleus - May 2016,  Who made God?

Who made God?

Edgar Andrews
EP Books 2009 ISBN 978-0-85234-763-8

Using both logic and scientific expertise, Edgar Andrews reveals the fallacies underlying some of the most famous claims made by atheists. Writing as a scientist, but with the humour of an artist, he makes even the most complex theories digestible. With exquisite clarity and insight, Andrews uncovers some of the major problems with the theory of evolution.

It's a great encouragement in our secular and increasingly hostile society that there are eminent scientists like Edgar Andrews who think the God of the Bible is more probable than not. As he reminds us, many past and contemporary scientists faithfully testify to the living God. He does not stand alone, and neither do we.

Hearing the logical and scientific arguments for the existence of God was helpful, it's important to note that arguments alone rarely bring people to God. Love and grace freely flowing through us will ultimately bring us and our friends to the reconciliation with the creator God, as the author beautifully reminds us.

I greatly enjoyed the book, even though at times it felt a bit technical and difficult. I would recommend it to both questioners and believers of Christian faith. Not only does it fortify existing faith but it also offers an opportunity to examine the atheistic claims more closely, which Christians might find surprisingly faith-affirming!

Esther Park is a clinical medical student in Edinburgh.

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