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ss spotlight - Autumn 2016,  Ten top tips for surviving nursing school

Ten top tips for surviving nursing school

1. Look after yourself wholistically
You'll be taught to do this for patients. Take the same advice. care for yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. Nursing school is a marathon, not a sprint. You can probably endure a short period of exhaustion, caffeine and on-the-hoof meals, but your performance will plummet if you neglect yourslef long-term. eat well, take care of yourself, and sleep as much as you can!

2. Get stuck into a church
You won't make every meeting, but try to commit to one local church. Build up relationships with a few people. Having a church famiily nearby will help you settle into university life and be a vital part of your support network.

3. Put God first
Daily devotions are important. read the Bible daily.Safeguard your intimiacy with Jesus. Perhaps get a daily devotional book and find a time to read it each day at a time that works for you.

4. Use the support at your nursing school
Keep in touch with your personal tutor, even when things are going well. Then you have a relationship to be able to approach him or her whenever you might be struggling.

5. Ask questions
The only wrong question is the one not asked. Don't be afraid to grow your inquisitivenes; ask not only the 'what' and the 'how' but the 'why' questions too.

6. Make use of every opportunity
You'll meet many different and interesting people during the course of your studies. Enjoy them, especially the ones who are different from you! You never know what the Lord might bring from these relationships. Make the most of the clubs and other unique opportunities you have as a student (you'll miss the discounts after you graduate!)

7. Learn time management
This is one of the most important skills to develop. Learn to plan and prioritise, not just 'going with the flow'. These skills save you from many bad days, both as a student nurse and later.

8.Exercise regularly
Studying as a nurse or midwife can be quite a responsibility, causing some stress and anxiety. As well as keeping us in shape, exercise has been proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. It also boosts your ability to retain information.

9. Journal before bed
If you catch yourself lying awake at night, frantically reviewing everything you have to do the next day, give journaling a try. Take just a few minutes before bed to jot down your thoughts, expeiences or concerns. This will decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Pray through these things.

10. Connect with other Christian student nurses adn midwives through CMF
It is so helpful and encouraging for Christian nurses and midwives to connect adn prayerfully support one another. It's great to unite publicly to promote Christian values in nursing, and to collectively lookat ethical issues from a biblical perspective. Make use of available online and written resources. Be encouraged to be the best Christian nurse or midwife you can be!

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