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Communications, Public Policy, Staff


New & upcoming books

A Physician's Story

This new book places Luke and Acts side by side, charting the life and death of Jesus and the growth of the early church. As we remember the birth of Jesus this Christmas, reading or rereading Luke's accounts keeps the gospel central. More than that though, with CMF carol services happening around the UK, Christmas is often the time of year when friends and colleagues are interested in coming to church. Why not give them the opportunity to look into the evidence for Jesus for themselves?

Abortion: Doctors' duties and rights

Doctors are often one of the first sources of information for women with unplanned pregnancies, and have a unique responsibility for determining whether abortion requests fulfil statutory grounds. This new booklet addresses questions CMF members have asked when dealing with abortion requests. Issues range from informed consent, conscientious objection and referrals, to handling conflict and alternative options, while ensuring that patient care remains the primary concern.

Lighting the Way

The new handbook for Christian nurses and midwives! The handbook covers various aspects of being a Christian nurse or midwife, from nursing as a Christian ministry to medical ethics, and includes devotionals at the end with 40 short reflections - Coming soon.

Public Policy

Recent CMF submissions: NICE on end of life care for infants and children (August 2016), GMC public consultation on Developing the UK medical register (August 2016), NICE on Sexually Transmitted Infections - Condom Distribution Schemes (September 2016), Law Commission review on surrogacy (October 2016).

New staff members

Two new recruits for CMF

Meet Philip Martin - Senior digital producer

What prompted you to consider taking on this role with CMF? I had reached a point in my life where I knew I needed to have more of an eternal perspective on things, my career in particular. I also knew that I needed truly to acknowledge the Lordship of Christ and be open to his prompting. Relocating my family from the north of Scotland to the south of England wasn't exactly what I had been expecting, but then most answers to prayer never are!

What were you doing before coming to CMF? Prior to joining CMF I worked for a TV production company in Scotland. The variety of projects I worked on and clients I worked alongside provided me with valuable experience for what now lies ahead of me.

Church? Following our move from Scotland to Sussex we have started attending our local Baptist church. The welcome and support we've had from everyone there has been a real encouragement.

Family? Hobbies? I'm married to Joanne, a drama teacher, and we have four children between the ages of eight and 13. We're all huge movie fans and are in the process of building a home cinema - tickets, popcorn and all - more cost-effective than the real thing! We're also a family of cat lovers.

What are your impressions of CMF so far? The most striking thing about CMF is the family atmosphere within the staff and the membership. There's a real sense of togetherness and a common purpose under Christ. What excites me most about CMF is its concern for bringing the truth and love of Christ into the arena of healthcare.

Meet Sean Gilmore - Resources Manager

What prompted you to consider taking on this role with CMF? After reading Natural Science at the University of Leicester, I saw an ad for the role and jumped at the opportunity to work for an organisation that stands in the junction of practical science and practical faith. Most of all, I love books and understand the value of having the right resources and support for the tough decisions people face in the workplace.

What were you doing before coming to CMF? I spent last year interning under the vibrant and supportive care of Trinity Life Church, Leicester. The internship gave me experience in all sorts of work, from kids to the homeless, in tech and media to event admin.

Church? I have returned to Caterham Community Church, which was my local congregational church growing up.

Family? Hobbies? I'm originally from Johannesburg, but I grew up in Kenley and Caterham from the age of six, where my family are still based. I love the outdoors, reading, and play guitar, bass, drums, anything I can get my hands on (tables, pans, boxes, whistling) - to the expense of everyone's peace and quiet.

What are your impressions of CMF so far? I have close friends and family working in the medical world so I understand there are few places more challenging to personal ethics and faith. CMF does good work, in the truest sense, and I value the work of CMF more every day as I discover the dedication of staff to members as they serve God in such a challenging environment.

Saline Solution

CMF aims to equip every Christian healthcare professional in the UK to be an effective witness for Christ in the workplace. With this in mind, we are very pleased to announce that Stephanie Moss, Associate Staffworker for the Midlands, will be overseeing strategy for the Saline Solution course. Stephanie will be coordinating qualified trainers for the course and extending the course to make it more accessible in different parts of the UK.

Farewell to Trudy

At the end of November we bid a fond farewell to Trudy Simpson, who has been our Junior Researcher in Public Policy for the past year. Trudy says: 'I have enjoyed my time here and learnt so much about public policy research… I've also liked devotions in the mornings'. We will miss Trudy's kind heart and diligent work ethic, wishing her God's blessing for the future.

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