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ss triple helix - spring 2017,  Expository Thoughts on Acts: A surgeon looks at a physician's narrative

Expository Thoughts on Acts: A surgeon looks at a physician's narrative

Jonathan Redden
Christian Media Ritchie, 2015, £7.99, 200pp, ISBN 9781872734392
Reviewed by Peter Pattisson, retired GP

Older readers will probably be familiar with Bishop J C Ryle's Expository Thoughts on the Gospels. Surgeon Jonathan Redden's book is consciously modelled on those volumes. It covers the whole of Acts in about 70 short sections. The Bible text is printed, followed by one or two pages of comment.

The comment is strong on application. The necessary engagement with the text and context - the exegesis, awareness of critical issues and referral to mainstream commentaries - have all been done, but are in the background. The thoughts are expository in the truest sense of that word - they expose what is in the text and its implications for contemporary living, rather than imposing extraneous ideas or using the text as a springboard for unconnected thoughts.

Are you looking for something to stimulate your daily Bible reading? This would be an excellent start. In the 19th century Bishop Ryle wrote material specifically for use in family prayers. This present book could help couples to read Scripture together and, in some cases, could help families to engage with the Bible.

In a day when daily Bible reading is neglected or squeezed out, anything that could help us to a fresh start is to be welcomed.
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