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ss triple helix - spring 2017,  Against the Flow: The inspiration of Daniel in an age of relativism

Against the Flow: The inspiration of Daniel in an age of relativism

John Lennox
Monarch, 2015, £12.99, 433pp, ISBN 9780857216212Reviewed by Tom Roberts, former CMF Communications Coordinator

John Lennox says that we live in a culture where 'God has lost his glory… holiness has degenerated into an exclusively negative concept'. Either Christianity is held to be worthless, or it is simply 'one choice' in the marketplace of ideas. In Against the Flow, he takes hold of the biblical book of Daniel as 'a clarion call to our generation… not to lose our nerve or allow the expression of our faith to be… squeezed out of the public sphere'.

Working through Daniel chapter by chapter, Lennox draws out essential lessons on topics such as God's role in human history, Christian identity, the importance of Government and the rule of law. He approaches Daniel with great care, and refrains from undue speculation about the meanings of Daniel's more cryptic visions.

At over 400 pages this is no light read, and at times is perhaps a little too exhaustive in detailing every aspect of the historical setting. Nonetheless, Lennox is a deep thinker with a first-rate mind, and his analysis here is well worth the effort. This is a vital book that will help Christians understand how we can stand firm in an increasingly secular age.
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