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ss nucleus - May 2017,  The Plausibility Problem

The Plausibility Problem

Ed Shaw

You know what the Bible teaches about same-sex attraction, but it isn't realistic, is it? If that's what you're thinking then this book is for you.

Ed Shaw, a committed evangelical Christian, who experiences same-sex attraction, sensitively and pragmatically highlights areas where he thinks that we, the evangelical church at large, so often fail to support our members. He discusses nine major'missteps' where the nuance of the biblical message is frequently misconstrued (eg 'Godliness is heterosexuality'), causing many of us to stumble. The practical advice ranges from discussing the importance of precision in language when debating these issues right through to how local churches can make a celibate single lifestyle, for anybody, whether same-sex attracted or not, a more openly respected and viable option, just as the Bible teaches.

This is a compassionate and constructive read. The book does start from the premise that God's model for sex is between a man and a woman in marriage and then shows how we can be more supportive to all those who won't experience that (again whether same-sex attracted or not). If you're uncertain about whether that is God's model for sex then there are other books to start with such as Is God anti-gay? by Sam Allberry. If I had a friend struggling with same-sex attraction I might first suggest Wesley Hill's Washed and waiting as a particularly personal and open account of that struggle and the website 'Living Out' is also well worth visiting.

Anybody committed to embracing God's model for sexuality and marriage in a faithful way should read The Plausibility Problem.

Grace Petkovic is a medical student in Oxford
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