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ss triple helix - summer 2017,  Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide

Vaughan Roberts
  • The Good Book Company, 2017, £2.99, 71pp, ISBN 9781784981938

  • Reviewed by Andrew Fergusson, former Chair, Advisory Group, Care Not Killing

Following very clear defeats of assisted suicide bills in the Westminster and Scottish parliaments in 2015, debate about this subject should be over for a decade or more - but it's not. So another book in the Talking Points series designed to help Christians think and talk about today's big issues is welcome.

Author and speaker Vaughan Roberts comments authoritatively here to Christians, speaking not just from research and oh-so relevant understanding of the Bible; but because his own father was dying while he was writing the book, there is a strong note of compassion and reality throughout. It is unlikely Triple Helix readers will find anything new in the relatively brief medical, ethical, and campaigning discussion. Almost more importantly,the prevailing cultural context is analysed and critiqued. Dignity? Ours is unique because God has made each and every one of us in his image. Autonomy?Unbridled, it ignores our inevitable interdependence. Vulnerable? Dying or not, the disadvantaged deserve special care and protection. The Christian worldview wins.

With recommendations for further reading and discussion prompts for small groups, this is an excellent starter for lay Christians. Health professionals will need to read more widely.
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